Day 9

Our morning hike at Judge Magney State Park did not solve the riddle of Devil’s Kettle. The waterfall that goes into the hole and no one knows where it comes it will remain a mystery.
We then backtracked for the very first time on this trip to visit Grand Portage National Monument. The scale was certainly smaller than Fort William, it was interesting to see them both. Don’t quiz me, but I know more today about the fur trading, voyageurs, and portages than I think I ever have or will.
We beelined it to World’s Greatest Donuts in Grand Marais. A major highlight of the trip for me. I just can’t believe I didn’t go back for a second before we left town. Afterward there was swimming in the lake and Olive and I walked around a bit checking out the shops. Oh! On the way out of town we stopped at Betsey Bowen’s studio/gallery. Her woodcut illustrated children’s books are some of our favorites.
Because we have a stamp book for all the MN state parks (we’re up to 23 of the 69 since Olive was born) we stopped at any we needed down the north shore. There was Temperance Falls where we walked to the falls, we drove the gravel back roads to George Crosby Manitou, and ended up at Tettegouche State Park where we got the last campsite for the night. We had shopped at the food coop in Grand Marais so we were set.
It hit me at some point that this is our last night sleeping in the RV. Apparently I was far more sentimental and melancholy than the kids, and Roger for that matter, based on their response to me corralling them around the campfire to remember our trip.


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