Day 7

Every time we hike up for a view of the lake it’s somehow more beautiful than the last. Pukaskwa National Park did not disappoint. Definitely the most beautiful shoreline, trees, islands, rock formations, and vistas yet. Even with overcast skies. Video by Silvia:

This one may look like we lost Olive, but she walked ahead to the trail.

Our plan for the day was not set and even changed halfway through. There is both nothing and everything in this part of Canada. If you wanted to stay in one place and hike and soak up the solitude, you could spend a lifetime. If you have miles ahead of you and this forest looks a little like the last forest, you keep moving. it’s also like the Canadian Marketing Deoartment lost the files on this part of the wilderness.

Our next destinations were milk/eggs/beer shopping and a canyon described as second in size to the Grand Canyon. We made the age-old tactical error by waiting until Sunday to buy beer in unknown territory (re: Utah circa 1992). ‘No, we don’t sell on Sunday. Maybe try a big town like Thunder Bay.’ Maybe? They don’t know? We picked up our milk and eggs and picnic lunch fixings and went on our way.

A perfect lunch at the canyon stop. Sandwiches all around and I dug into the smoked fish leftovers from Cornucopia. Was that only days ago?
The thing about the Grand Canyon is that you sort of know what to expect when you get there. But, when we turned the corner on Ouimeamazingly, we were amazed. How did they get this canyon in what seems the middle of nowhere?

Back in the RV on the road, everyone is pretty much holding their own. Olive’s read a lot of her books but has also been getting a little bored and picked up a crossword book in the grocery store that looked easy. (Five-letter name for a Tory PM? Yup. Bought this one in Canada.) Marshall’s drawn battleground after battleground of tanks and ninjas and listened to hours of books on CD. (Can I get the iPod? Marshall, what are you doing in the fridge? I’m hungry. I need a snack.) Silvia’s gotten in a daily nap (she’s up every night until 11) interspersed with hourly screen time requests (Play a game. Read a book. Draw a picture. Look out the window.)
Roger? He’s mostly been driving. Me? I’ve mostly been keeping it all together in the back, playing flight attendant, and navigating.
We rolled through Thunder Bay about 7 pm (‘We only sell beer until 4pm on Sunday.’ Aaaaargh!) to Kekabeka Falls Provincial Park. Roger stayed here when he was a kid  Campgrounds are quiet at the end of the summer on weeknights. I caught a glimpse of the falls. We’ll be back in the morning.
BBQ chicken with baked beans and salad tonight. I always think we’re getting to bed at a decent time and it always ends up being 11pm.
Overall, we’re ahead of schedule. Gichigami-in-nine-days? Gichigami-in-ten-days-without-a-plan? We definitely have time to meander down the North Shore.

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