Day 6

What Pancake Bay Provincial Park lacked in seclusion from the highway (a LOT of semis use the Trans Canada Highway) it more than makes up for with a spectacular lake beach. We spent most of the morning on the beach and got our laundry finished (bonus). It was hard to leave.
The Trans Canada Highway is absolutely beautiful. We stopped at a few scenic overlooks and met a guy biking from Vancouver to Ottawa. Impressive. We drove through White River, the birthplace of Winnie the Pooh. Look it up for yourself.
We lunched at Subway in Wawa because they advertised free wi-fi. We overheard our first conversation in French but did not experience our first internet communication. A call to Verizon helped me change a couple settings on my phone so now I can make phone calls but data eludes me.
I had my second long stretch of driving this RV today and we made good time getting to Pukaskwa National Park. Yet another amazing evening on a beach of Lake Superior. If all you see of the lake on your life is Minnesota’s North Shore, you never know the rest of the lake has beaches and it helps that the lake is at historic high temperatures. We settled in for the night after veggies with dip and hot dogs over the fire.

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