Day 4

Where were we this morning? Oh, right, Baraga. A no-nonsense state park campground with little else to offer. So, breakfast out this morning. The cinnamon roll was good, but too much food otherwise. Less than stellar service also is a bummer. Onward.
We headed straight to Marquette, MI. I had read about wonderful historic buildings to walk around downtown, but not with a son with a messed up belly today. (Darn! That breakfast!) and it was overcast then started to sprinkle. (Darn! The weather!) Let’s get out of town.
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore was next on our nature itinerary. Oh, could it even be more beautiful in sunshine? Yup, still overcast. But totally gorgeous. We have this plan to get all the way around This Lake in ten days, but I could spend soooo much more time everywhere. Swimsuits were on for the beach and climbing on pictured rocks until the sustained heavy drizzle dampened that party. We squeezed in a walk to some lovely falls in the park, me with my umbrella, but we bailed on the other falls and headed back on the road.
That’s when it hit me. We drove straight through Ishpeming and Marquette, the land of at least 6 pasty recommendations from Jane and Michael Stern, that we didn’t stop at any. The horror! At the next sign we saw, Roger pulled over and got one to go, but it was nowhere near as good as yesterday’s. I hope I still have tomorrow because we expect to be in Canada tomorrow night. We’re crossing over to the other side! No more turning back!

We were on the road a lot today. This is one big lake. We’re camped here at Tahquamenemon Falls tonight, just short of Sault St. Marie. Tortelloni with jazzed up jar sauce (garlic, olive oil, and fresh basil) and s’mores for dinner. Couldn’t figure out the oven for freezer garlic bread or cookies from a tube. We’ll have to Google how to use this oven. A little Uno in the drizzle under the trees then off to bed. I owe each of the kids a dollar (American? Canadian? What are the international bribery rules?) for getting ready for bed tonight without us.

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