Day 3

We woke up in Porcupine Mountains State Park, had a scrambled egg breakfast at the campsite and headed straight to Lake in the Clouds. An eagle flew right past us up there in the trees. Cool.
We hit the road in search of our first pasty. Our first chance eluded us due to navigational errors but was easily made up for in Houghton. Yum. Roger was impressed. Maybe not the kids so much. The Keweenaw Peninsula lay ahead of us.
We toured the Quincy Copper Mine including a tram ride ‘world’s slowest roller coaster’ but not the underground shaft tour. Some kids were not as pleased with this choice.
The scenic Highway 26 was perfect. What a great ride. We placed all our bets on Copper Harbor as we passed sweet little stretches of lake beach while Silvia was zonked out in the back. The bet was lost. Copper Harbor didn’t seem to have anywhere to experience the water up close, let alone get in. Cute town, but we headed back.
In Hancock, we checked out the local food co-op to pick up a few more fresh veggies, snacks, and more local beer.
Baraga State Park was our final destination of the day. Not much more than a roadside campground – Roger noticed the only directions to local features was to the closest hospital. Across the highway, though, was The Lake. Swimsuits on, it was a perfect night for wading.

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