Two marginally scary things and dinner

Last night, a black bear crossed the road about 100 yards in front of us in the Porkies!! (Porkies = Porcupine Mountains)

Olive brought detoxifying face masks. With the others still outside after dinner, we had beaty time. She refused public documentation of her participation. I feel detoxified.

Speaking of dinner. We rolled into our campground at what we thought was 8:30. Turns out there was a time change so it was 9:30. The kids were a little tired and definitely not hungry enough for us to bother grilling hamburgers. Next, picture the five of us seated outside in a circle (not around a campfire-too much effort) eating salad and microwave-popped popcorn. (The microwave portion of the popcorn prep being of particular thrill for Marshall since we don’t have a microwave at home.) Now that’s camping.

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