Day 1

Okay. This blogging thing is tough. Where do I begin and what do I leave out? Things fell into place (in more ways than one!) just fine in the RV on the way up to Superior. There was some reading, some game playing, some Looney Tunes watching, and some books on CD listening. And some driving. There were rules made about what is allowed to take place in the bathroom when we are on the road. There maybe also should be a rule whether stinky cheese is allowed to be snacked up with closed windows. Fun and games aside, about halfway through Roger and I had the great idea to call ahead to a couple campgrounds to check availability. Nothing. Maybe this carefree ‘we’ll park anywhere overnight’ attitude was going to become reality sooner than we thought. But our first destination was Anchor Bar in Superior for burgers. We’d worry about sleeping later.

I checked out two websites – Jane and Michael Stern (of Splendid Table fame) and Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network fame) – and this was the only place on our path that they BOTH recommended. They were all right. Great burgers. Amazing small-town price. Took three tries for Roger to discover they had more than Grain Belt Premium on tap and PBR in cans. We sat across from the kitchen which we decided was the reason for so many flies. But it was good. We watched the cook crank down on the french fry cutter and fry it all up. Delish. We’ll be back. And try to sit outside.

We’ve apparently driven by this Finnish wooden windmill before, but this is a real trip and we have to make the detour to actual stop and check it out. It was cool. But getting dark and we decided to camp at Amnicon Falls State Park. Not as far along as I had hoped for the first night, but it’s not a parking lot and we get to mess around in nature and see our first falls of the trip in the morning.

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