Packing and testing

Spending the day before departure packing and testing. We’ve never used this Craigslist-acquired bike rack before, so Roger took for a test run on the truck. It works!

One thing we’re catching flack from the kids for is planning to return from the summer vacation the day before school starts since we’re headed to the cabin after we turn in the RV. So, in addition to trip packing, we’ve been getting ready for school. Hair cuts, new tennis shoes, school supplies, new jeans.

Then, in usual form just before a trip, I picked up a $10 box of tomatoes Saturday morning and decided to can them this weekend, much to Roger’s dismay. I will savor those tomatoes better in the middle of the winter. Maybe he shouldn’t get any. I digress.

Everyone’s clothes are packed but mine and Roger has all the camping and cooking gear pulled together. I’m sure I’ve done something today. Yes, I’m importing kids books on CD for the iPod as I type. I should really pack something.

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